Testimonials: Investors

  • “One of the greatest strengths of the HOPE organization – and the people who serve in it – is that they will never be content with their performance or results. This commitment is one of several reasons why HOPE is at the core of the Walton Family Foundation’s work in Milwaukee. ”

    Ed Kirby, Senior Program Officer
  • “Milwaukee has only a handful of high-performing, high-poverty schools like HOPE that do not have selective admissions requirements. These impressive schools are outperforming their peers on multiple measures, including academic growth, attendance and parental satisfaction. ”

    Dan McKinley, PAVE
  • “The Siebert Foundation’s continued commitment reflects our belief that HOPE schools inspire students and teachers to excel. HOPE’s educators view teaching as a calling, not just a job, and it’s incredible to see them in action. ”

    Ron Jones, Siebert Lutheran Foundation