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HOPE Christian Schools began with the passion, energy and inspiration of its founders who had hearts for service and a love for children who they saw as God’s own, created on purpose and for great purpose. HOPE could not have happened, and indeed cannot continue, without God’s ongoing grace and blessing at every step along the journey. God blesses us through the talented people, courageous leaders, and the prayers and financial support of those who share our love for God’s children.

Please pray for us!

Include HOPE Christian Schools – our staff, children, and families – in your prayers. We know the prayers of our fellow Christians are powerful and effective!

Pray for HOPE
Dear Lord,
Please bless the Christ-centered work of HOPE Christian Schools. Bless our teachers and leaders with patience, strength, and wisdom to serve your children. Bless the children who learn here, that they may grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Bless the families who have chosen HOPE, that they may be blessed and inspired by the relationships that grow within our walls and in our communities. We thank you for the privilege to serve your children and provide a full and lasting education, for blessings in this life and for eternity.
In Jesus’ name we pray this,

Encourage our teachers!

Our teachers appreciate encouraging words from those who support our mission. Email a simple note of encouragement and we’ll be sure it is shared with our teachers.

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The 3 Cs are powerful and transformative. Your contribution helps bring Christ.College.Character. to more children and more communities.

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