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Study of Choice

Wisconsin Lutheran College | Laura Warmuth

HOPE board co-chairman James Rahn joins groundbreaking school choice research team. PDF of article

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Lending a helping hand to Harambee

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Felicia Thomas-Lynn

Housing, education are targets for improvement It’s not uncommon for Brooke Krueger to answer her home phone at night and hear the desperate voice of one of her students seeking help on a homework assignment. Not only does she expect it, she encourages it. As a high school teacher at Hope Christian Schools, she and …

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Milwaukee’s lessons on school vouchers

Christian Science Monitor | Amanda Paulson

MILWAUKEE – For Destiny Hatcher, private school has made all the difference. Once a failing student who often got in trouble, she’s now getting good grades as an eighth-grader at the Hope Christian School and is determined to go to college. “At my old school, the environment I was in was the same outside the …

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