Why Parents Choose a Private School Education for Their Children

With the recent rise in the number of charter schools across the country, there are more school choices than ever before yet private schools continue to grow and thrive.  This, along with the rise in charter schools, is a testament to the fact that parents are unsatisfied with the educational standards of public schools and are looking for something better suited for the success of their children.

But why do parents choose a private education for their children over a charter or public school?

Smaller Class Sizes

Private schools have fewer students in each classroom, typically 10-15, which means every student gets more individual attention and teachers can better adapt to the learning style for each child.  When there are fewer students in a class, it’s harder for one that is struggling to fall between the cracks.  Problems can be discovered and acted upon more quickly.  Smaller class sizes also mean that each child can have more opportunities for engagement in lessons in the classroom.

Parental Involvement

For public schools, getting parents involved can be a challenge.  With private schools, as with charter schools, there’s more encouragement for parents to volunteer in the school and some schools make it a requirement for enrollment.  More parental engagement is good for the school, the teachers, and students and helps promote the school in the community it supports.

Safer Learning Environment

Private schools may be a safer learning environment.  Studies show that private schools can have less strict discipline policies because there are fewer incidents of disciplinary problems.  Smaller class sizes, enrollment requirements, greater parental involvement, and more dedicated teachers can create a safer environment for students.  Students who feel safe and comfortable at school will be able to focus better on their studies.

Shared Educational Philosophy

While private schools do need to meet state educational standards, they don’t need to use the same mandated curriculum as public schools so parents can look for a school that meets their own standards.  This includes a more faith-based approach to teaching.  Public schools are required to keep religion out of teachings and many parents want their child to be nurtured in a school that represents their values, and where Christ’s unconditional love teaches them character, empathy, and acceptance.

At HOPE Christian Schools, we believe that every child has a God-given purpose in life that can be found and nurtured in the love of Christ.  We hold our students to the highest standards and support them every step of the way as they surpass their goals.  College, whether a 4-year or a technical college, is vital to success in today’s world.  For the last seven years, our students have achieved a 100% acceptance rate at 4-year or technical colleges!  With Christ’s love and the support of a nurturing educational environment, there’s nothing our students can’t achieve!

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