Noted scholar highlights HOPE Christian School: Prima in book

WITI-TV Channel 6 (FOX) | Beverly Taylor

A noted scholar is holding up a Milwaukee school as one to imitate. He wrote a book about 12 great American schools, one of them was HOPE Christian School: Prima.

HOPE Christian School: Prima students begin each day with a chant affirming their commitment to learning. The school is a central city school located on 25th and North Ave. It is exceeding the national performance level for the population it serves, and breeds a culture of success. As noted in Samuel Casey Carter’s latest book “On Purpose: How Great School Cultures Form Strong Character.”

Teacher Liz Hochtritt says, “We really try to develop the whole person. So we work on aspects of their character, you know, self discipline, and self control, and integrity, and honesty, and those kind of things, and we develop that in with our curriculum. So we really try to focus on the character as well as academics.”

Carter studied 3,500 schools across the United States, and picked only 12 to highlight in his book. He says HOPE and 11 other schools in his book show what is possible for every school in this country.

HOPE Prima has a 95% daily attendance rate, and a teacher retention rate of 90%. The goal is to help every student eventually attend college, and is the only Wisconsin school highlighted in Carter’s book.