Video puts out a call to the “Scholar Ladies”: HOPE Christian School project shows learning is cool

WISN-TV Channel 12 (ABC) | Portia Young

MILWAUKEE — Students at a Milwaukee choice school want other children to love learning as much as they do.

To get their message across, they got a little inspiration from Beyonce.

The video they made is a call to action for all the “Scholar Ladies.”

For the students at Milwaukee’s HOPE Christian School, each day is one step closer to graduation – and much further away from where they’ve been.

“The difference is that we have a good community in this school, everyone supports each other because we are a team and a family,” said sixth grader Alexus Staples.

HOPE Christian is a choice school with three campuses in the city.

Students made the choice to come here, along with their parents.

“New students are usually a grade or two below the level that they should be,” teacher Megan Huff said. “So we work really hard to get them prepared for college.”

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