Leadership and Staff

HOPE Christian School: Fidelis

Edie Martwick, Founding Principal

Edie (Kastenschmidt) Martwick is a graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College (2001) where she majored in education.  As a college student she was awarded the “Impact Award” recognizing her leadership and contributions to the mission of the college. As a teacher she continued to demonstrate the importance of teacher as leader, serving at St. Marcus, HOPE Christian School, and EAGLE College Preparatory Schools in Arizona. While at EAGLE, she completed her Master’s Degree program in Curriculum and Instruction at Arizona State University (ASU).

Edie moved back to Milwaukee in 2009 to assume another leadership position as Director of Coaching for the Center for Urban Teaching. She mentored first and second year teachers, organized regular small group mentoring meetings, and coordinated the Urban Conference in Milwaukee.

In 2011, Edie returned full time to St. Marcus where she has served as a kindergarten teacher, an instructional coach, Director of Primary, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and Assistant Principal. In 2015, Edie joined the HOPE team as a Founding Principal. In addition, she will be graduating in 2016 with her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Alverno.

Edie’s experience in the classroom as the lead teacher has provided valuable insight for each one of the positions. She is eager to build on her experiences to improve education for the children of Milwaukee.

Liz Lavelle, Founding Director of Operations & Office Manager

Liz Lavelle is a graduate of Wittenberg University (2008) where she majored in early childhood education.  As a student of education she learned the ins and outs of classroom education, but wanted to have a broader impact on the education community.  This vision came to fruition over the next several years as she worked for City Year, Schools That Can Milwaukee, and the HOPE Christian Schools.  In efforts to advance her knowledge of the world beyond the classroom, Liz completed her Master’s Certificate in Non-Profit Management at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

Liz moved to Milwaukee in 2009 to help launch City Year’s newest site here in Milwaukee.  Being a part of this start-up team helped to form her first connections to the Milwaukee education community that have lasted to this day.  In 2010, Liz joined the Schools That Can Milwaukee team and served four years in operational roles.  STCM expanded Liz’s experience in operations and administrative work while opening the doors to the cross-sector collaboration movement happening in Milwaukee.  In 2014, Liz joined HOPE Christian School Prima as the Office Manager and fell in love with serving inside a school.

Liz’s experience and love for the children of Milwaukee excites her for this new role.  She looks forward to serving HOPE Fidelis families and providing a welcoming school environment. 


HOPE Fidelis Staff

Principal Edie Martwick Edie.Martwick@hopeschools.org
Director of Operations & Office Manager Liz Lavelle Liz.Lavelle@hopeschools.org
Community Engagement Coordinator Bianca Pryor Bianca.Pryor@hopeschools.org 
Parent Liaison Paris Hibbler Paris.Hibbler@hopeschools.org
K4 & Music Teacher Anna Mayo Anna.Huemann@hopeschools.org
K4 Latorsha Mitchell Latorsha.Mitchell@hopeschools.org
K5 Cassandra Smessaert Cassandra.Smessaert@hopeschools.org
K5 Miracle Wheeler Miracle.Wheeler@hopeschools.org
1st Takeyla Sirmons Takeyla.Sirmons@hopeschools.org
1st  Emily Hengst Emily.Hengst@hopeschools.org
2nd Rachel Pappenfuss Rachel.Pappenfuss@hopeschools.org
3rd Stephanie Hesselman Stephanie.Hesselman@hopeschools.org
4th Lucas Van Norman Lucas.VanNorman@hopeschools.org
5th Mitchell Tuffey Mitchell.Tuffey@hopeschools.org
6th Tomica Holland Tomica.Holland@hopeschools.org
K4 TA Laquisha Eggleston Laquisha.Eggleston@hopeschools.org
K4 TA  Shakela Pierce-Powell Shakela.Pierce-Powell@hopeschools.org
K5 TA Shamika King Shamika.King@hopeschools.org
K5 TA Kendra Wilson Kendra.Wilson@hopeschools.org
1st TA Patricia Cannon Patricia.Cannon@hopeschools.org
2nd TA Domanisha Jones Domanisha.Jones@hopeschools.org
3rd-4th TA Donney Wright donney.wright@hopeschools.org
5th-6th TA Dana Smith dana.smith@hopeschools.org
Food Service Provider Brittany Brown Brittany.Brown@hopeschools.org
Counselor Katie Foster  
Pastor Pastor Paul Steinberg psteinberg@chaplainsinschools.org