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We are so blessed to serve you and can’t wait to get you enrolled! Click the button below to go directly to the new online application on the Wisconsin DPI website. Parents or guardians enrolling students for the Choice program should direct any questions to their specific campus directly [see below], or by using the Contact Us page below.


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If you would like to speak with someone or receive more targeted information, let’s connect! Just get in touch with us below and tell us what you need.

HOPE Christian Schools 


  • HOPE Caritas (K4-7th)

    8920 W. Brown Deer Road
    Milwaukee, WI  53224

    To enroll at HOPE Caritas, please contact Ms. Washington-White at 414-600-1045.

  • HOPE Fidelis (K4-6th) 
    4200 W. Douglas Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI 53209

    To enroll at HOPE Fidelis, please contact Ms. Lavelle at 414-203-5270.

  • HOPE Fortis (K4-8th)

    3601 N. Port Washington Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI 53212

    To enroll at HOPE Fortis, please contact Ms. Tan at 414-264-6284.

  • HOPE Prima (K4-8th)

    2345 N. 25th Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53206

    To enroll at HOPE Prima, please contact Ms. Hochtritt at 414-732-4983.

  • HOPE Semper (K4-8th)

    3040 West Capitol Drive
    Milwaukee, WI 53216

    To enroll at HOPE Semper, please call Mr. Novak at 414-344-8806.

  • HOPE High (9th-12th)

    3215 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
    Milwaukee, WI 53212

    To enroll at HOPE High, please contact Mr. Soma at 414-264-4476.

  • HOPE Via (K5-6th) 
    3502 Douglas Ave
    Racine, WI 53402

    To enroll at HOPE Via, please contact Mr. Venegas at 262-412-9977.

HOPE Christian Schools is planning to open a second school to serve the south side of Racine. When enrolling in HOPE Via, please indicate your interest in a south side location. We will keep you informed of our progress. The name of the future south-side school will be HOPE Veritas.