Coronavirus Response Team Resources

Coronavirus Resources

On March 12, 2020, Open Sky Education (the parent organization to HOPE Christian Schools) assembled a team of our national leaders and created the Coronavirus Response Team (CRT). See our scope of work. As the Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) works to gather thoughts, ideas, plans and procedures surrounding the spread of this virus, please use this webpage as a resource. More content will be added at regular intervals.

Staff Communications:

Team Memo from CEO – Important Tasks and Guiding Principles to help navigate our new landscape – 3.19.2020

Staff Memo – Prepare to work from home – 3.17.2020

CRT Meeting Agenda and Talking Points – 3.16.2020

HOPE Staff Memo – School is Suspended – 3.14.2020

HOPE Celebration Cancelled – 3.12.2020

Student and Family Communications:


Memo to HOPE Families – School is Closed – 3.14.2020
Memo to HOPE Families – School is Open – 3.13.2020

CRT Letter for Parents

Food Sites and Options:

HOPE MKE Meal Sites
HOPE RCN Meal Sites

School Best Practices:

Corornavirus Response Team Update – Virtual Learning Options – 3.14.2020

CDC Interim Guidance for Administrators of Childcare Programs and K12 Schools 

CDC FAQ for School Administrators

CDC’s Pandemic Flu Checklist for Schools

Wisconsin DPI Pandemic Planning Webpage

General Resources:

World Health Organization – Rolling Updates on COVID-19

Centers for Disease Control – Situation Summary

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Steps to Prevent Illness

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Cases in the U.S.

Education Week – Map: Coronavirus and School Closures

Wisconsin DPI Coronavirus Resource Webpage

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