2018 HOPE Celebration Highlights

The stage was packed at our 2018 HOPE Celebration as teachers and staff members received awards for service longevity at HOPE Christian Schools: 28 three-year service awards, 10 five-year, and two 14-year. God has blessed us with an amazing team!

HOPE Via Principal Castenzio Venegas presented LeRon “Tay” Ball with one of HOPE’s 2018 Faith-in-Action Awards. “I’ll never forget the first time I sat down with Tay before our school launch three years ago. Tay said, ‘I believe in this work – the focus is on Christ and prepares kids for college. How can I be a part of it?’ We talked about creating a school where we would send our own children.” Tay sends both of his daughters to HOPE in Racine. He encourages and inspires others to follow Jesus in words and actions. Congratulations, Tay! We are so thankful for you!

Three HOPE teachers received 2018 Academic All-Star Awards for their work with scholars: Sarah Hughes of HOPE Prima, Gabby Park of HOPE Fortis, and Rachel Pappenfuss of HOPE Fidelis. Rachel has about 90% of her scholars completing 4+ Zearn lessons each week, and her scholars grew the equivalent of 1.5 years in math and reading on the NWEA MAP test. Gabby Park has both of her 6th grade ELA classes meeting their end-of-year growth goals. All three of these teachers go above and beyond and constantly evaluate what their scholars need to succeed. We are grateful for your work!

HOPE Fortis Principal Brenna Prochnow had this to say about Jazz Singh, one of HOPE’s 2018 Faith-in-Action Award recipients: “His commitment to glorifying Christ in everything he does has made a remarkable impression on scholars, and he has created a classroom environment of joy and true motivation. His scholars adore him and have a hunger to know Jesus because of the way he leads them. He’s known for saying, ‘Don’t talk about it, be about it’ – which he models and challenges others to live by every day. HOPE Fortis is undeniably blessed to have a man who relentlessly pursues Jesus and genuinely desires others to know Him as well.” Congratulations, Jazz! We are thankful for you!