HOPE Christian School: Caritas

Kiesha Johnnies, Founding Principal

Kiesha Johnnies is a native of Milwaukee, WI. Johnnies graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Welfare. She is an AmeriCorps and Teach For America Milwaukee alumna.  She spent two years in the classroom as a Kindergarten Teacher in Milwaukee and has grown personally and professionally from the experience. Johnnies also worked as a Founding Senior Corps Member with City Year Milwaukee as their Training Project Leader where she had the to opportunity to work with 60 Corps Members serving six MPS schools. She has a passion to provide service and feels that educating others is the best human service she can provide. Johnnies’ passion for education derives from a lifetime of experiences, conversations and knowledge on the state of Milwaukee’s educational disparities.  In her role as Principal, she is eager to broaden her impact and change the nation’s largest race-based achievement gap one teacher at a time.